I`m going to buy a new guitar in the near future, and I`ve narrowed my choices down to these two.


Lone Star Strat (MIM aswell)

I`ll be playing rock i guess. I hate to put everything in genres, but I play stuff like Bad Religion, Adolescents, old NOFX, aswell as Motorhead, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and other `regular` rock bands. However, I enjoy punk rock the most.

So I`m just asking aout opinions regarding the two guitars.
I'd say Lonestar, as the Pearly Gates on that will do a better job doing what you want, than compared to the regular MIM.
I'm willing to change the bridge pickup, but I'd rather not. Would the lone star still be the better choice?
there both very similar guitars itl be all the same hardwear and so forth but the loanstar has better pickups which is win
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I want a strat sooo much, i like the HSS. The one i played plays really nice.
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Get either and replace pickups with EMG's.
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Get either and replace pickups with EMG's.

not everyone wants to play T3h BR00t47Z.
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Nah.. EMG's are for metal dudes.

EMG's are too cold sounded to me, except SV and SAV.