I seem to have a problem with my low E string! Whenever I hit an open B or High E string, the low E starts ringing too, which is disturbing, to say the least. Could anyone tell me why this occurs, and how to fix it?
Right, that's pretty logical . Though it still doesn't explain the ringing with a B.
i think he means he doesn't strum those strings and still they ring. i know what you mean sometimes it occurs on my acoustic guitar aswell (it doesnt disturb me much though i think it sounds cool sometimes), i think it has something to do with frequency and resonance... maybe your bridge... not sure i might be talkin bull****.
anyways... i dont know how to fix it :\ hope i could help anyway
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Right, that's pretty logical . Though it still doesn't explain the ringing with a B.

Because when you hit any string the guitar body vibrates, and that makes all the strings vibrate.
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i remember reading that putting a rubberband over the nut of the strings or something will help stop it, but i doubt it

the more you play the more you will get into the habit of just muting other strings
Well your action may be too low. Some people (like myself) like it that way as it's easier to play but it does make your low E ring when you play your B.
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It's to do with the harmonics of the string, when you play a B, the seventh fret harmonic of the open E will ring. It happens alot more on an acoustic than electric.
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Very infomative! Thanks, guys. I was curious because I didn't notice this with 10s, and now it's present with 9s, I guess because they vibrate more easily.