Right so I've been working on my technique for about 4 or 5 months now and just need to clear up some stuff

The way i hold my right hand, I hold the pick between my thumb and forefinger with he finger curled backwards behind the pick like Paul Gilbert says to in one of his videos on alt picking. I hold the rest of my hand out a bit from my thumb and forefinger with the other fingers sort of hanging loosely away.

Should i be curling more into a loose fist i.e. all the fingers close together or is it ok to leave my hand the way it is? I'm not fussed if I have to change, I just want to make sure I've got the best way of playing I can have.

I can probably take some photos if thats needed.
Yeah, take a few photos.

There is no perfect way to pick. It's all about what is most comfortable to you. If it works for you, keep on doing it.
Sometimes I make a fist and others I just let my fingers loosely hang, kind of curl naturally. You're fine.
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You don't have to make a fist, one could argue that a fist carries more tension and thus is detrimental to your playing. As long as you're relaxed: what you're doing is good.
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This thread made me realize that my picking technique was not relaxed
He's no good to me dead-Boba Fett