My girlfriend's little brother is going to be getting a guitar for christmas and they have asked me for advice on the one they are looking at, however, i don't really know anything about Wesley guitars.

He has only been playing guitar for a couple of months on an old guitar but is picking it up quite fast. Here is the guitar they are looking at http://www.wesleyguitars.co.uk/Items/%60ebc202bk?&caSKU=%60ebc202bk&caTitle=WESLEY%20STEALTH%20DRAGON%20GOTHIC%20ELECTRIC%20GUITAR

Can anybody tell me if this guitar would be good for a beginner? Is it good in general? Thanks very much for any help
it doesn't really look like it would be very good. i suggest an agile or if you want that body a bc rich i suppose
just looking at the specs it would be okay, however, you agathis is a very heavy wood and i little kid might not like the weight. The hardware looks like it is crap. The quality is probably crap as well. For the price though, you cant really get anything nice. Save up to around $200 USD and buy something around that price for a beginner guitar.
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I also vote for Agile, or anything from Rondo music if you can get it where you live. The Wesley looks cheap. Agathis body, die cast tuners, etc. I'm sure it would be okay for a beginner, but you could find better.
Yeah, go for an agile or settle for a squier.
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