Hey guys. For my design course at college I have to take a product and improve some aspect of it.
I decided that I should use my Ibanez RG body for this as it's an excuse to repair it.
The trem cavity is damaged so the wood needs routing out and replacing. I intend to use either a hard tail or TOM bridge.
I need to list the good and bad points of all three bridge types.

I also need to come up with other possible improvements to the body.
Can someone tell me the use of a monkey grip as I intend to use that as one of my options.

cheers guys,

Monkey grip: looks, in some peoples opinions cool, and some use it to pick up the guitar with - it also reduces the weight of the body.

As for the bridges google will give you loads.

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FR: more complicated to set-up but very stable tuning if done right.
Hardtail: more sustain and no need to angle the neck.
TOM: easiest to set-up, but needs an angled neck.

There's no real use to a monkey grip besides aesthetics.
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Adding a new top will change the tone (could be an improvement or make it worse depending on your point of view).

Adding extra thickness to the body will improve sustain but will also increase weight.

If you were to slice it open you could add resonance chambers which would reduce the weight and allow the... actually I've never looked up what a resonace chamber does to the tone of a solid body, I'll go do that now to ensure I'm not talking out of my arse.

EDIT: Apparently semihollow guitars sound richer, fuller and less harsh however they can be prone to feedback.
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So to sum up what you guys have said.
1) a Monkey Grip is only aesthetic other than being able to carry the guitar easily
2) the advantages and disadvantages of the three bridges are as simple as i thought
3) other ideas : chambering, semi hollow + F hole, a maple cap(=1/4 inch veneer?), extra thickness
any other idea's?
If you add a 1/4" cap you'll need to take 1/4" off the top of the body, if you don't take the wood off then you'll need to fill in the pickup cavities and the neck pocket.

If you slice it open to chamber it that would be a good time to add a nice slab for extra body weight.

As guitarcam said you can change the pickups and add in extra electronics (onboard effects can be fun). If you wanted you could even put a small amp in it so you could plug straight into a cab without a head.
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change the pickups/ add in extra electronics.

The project thing is a guitar body not a full guitar though :P
and what electronics
this is gonna be a spare body once the new one comes and i get round to refinishing it ;D
Can anybody tell me where i can get a small amount of good quality Basswood for filling a trem cavity?