Alright, so I'm in a band. Big deal, right? We consider ourselves to be decent at best, but other people are giving us nothing but praise. We've done only a few small gigs around town, and that's about it. So, my question is... now what? Do we just keep gigging for the next year until we get results? I mean, its the dream of everyone in the band to make it big, so, what are some steps we can take to get closer to that, after the "get gigs" step?
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start trying to make a demo tape to hand to venues. you want to start being a regular band at a few venues around town.
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Play every show you can, promote those shows well, make an album, sell a ton of copies/downloads, get your band's image/style locked down. Labels will want you if you have a good product and a fanbase that will buy cds and shirts from you and will buy tickets to your show.

Be on every social networking site, and use them. Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth. This thread is way too open-ended to go into detail.
How serious are you? Would you pack up and move to LA or New York tomorrow?
Label people have a million bands trying to get their material in their hands. You have to make it easy for them. Unfortunately, that often means moving to where the industry is, which in North America is New York, LA, Nashville and Toronto. If you aren't willing to commit to that, you aren't ready to make it big.
Just something to consider.