Hello, I'm looking at buying a 72 tele deluxe.

But I can't decide between the standard "wide range" humbucker version or the black dove p90 version.

Apparently the HB version's pickups retain more detail than most HBs, which sounds good.

And apparently the black dove p90s are crap compared to real p90s.

I would like to know if these opinions are correct ^.

Cheers - Tom
***Short Sig***
Dude I dropped a Black Dove (Bridge) in a Squire Bullet Special (One Pickup) and the guitar is like an Monster now. All about Seventies Rolling Stones and Who sounds. The only thing I had to do was add a tone pot to the mix to clean it up some on the high end. I used a Fender 250/500 pot from a jazz bass(concentric). People look at this guitar and say "Hey Man where can I get one?"