I'm gonna buy some guitar gear and a electric guitar (my first one...), so i would like to know what is the better choice of each group.

Group 1 (Electric Guitar) (all fender statocaster):

New Standard Start MN
'70 MN Start
'50 MN Strat
Hightway One Start RW
Hightway One Start MN


Marshal MG 15
Marshal MG 15 FX
Fender Frontman II 15G


Zoom G2.10
Digitech RP 350

and i've some questions... what is that thing of MN or RW in the guitar name? and with one of the pedals that i've refereed can i get the wah-wah sound or the distortion?

i don't know if its important, but i will play a lot of john mayer or eric clapton or hendrix...

thank you
stay away from the marshall mg series, although they`re marshall they are poor tonally. get a peavey vypyr and the sanpera pedal that is designed for that amp.

other amp choices of begginer amp are the roland cube or if you want a more classic tube amp then a blackstar ht5 or marshall haze or classic 5...

without looking up the individual item prices listed in your post though we`re going to need a budget to help you more.
If you buy any of those amps you listed, I'll hunt you down and smack the hell out of you.
Never heard of any of the guitars, but I'd take the Digitech over the Zoom.
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the amps you mentioned arent great value. Like ibbygod said try a vypyr, my 0.02 would be a roland cube. The blackstar HT5 is nice too but doesnt have a reverb, if that sort of matters to you.

as for the guitars.. not sure. Not a big fender fundy
Marshalls MG's aren't that great apparently. Try a Peavey Vypyr or Roland Cube. As for the guitar, depends on what you want to play but the standard strat will be fine for clean tones & light distortion. You might want something with humbuckers for all your rock/metal/punk kind of stuff. As you probably know it's a very famous and popular guitar you can't go wrong with it.

Digitech RP is fine I don't like multi effect proccessors but whatever it's your choice.
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