Hey guys,

I got couple of questions. First off all, I got a Gibson Les Paul Studio(with normal pickups) and Marshall avt 100.
When I do pinch harmonics or vibrato the sound doesnt continue long... it ends soon.. my guitar teacher has a strat with seymour duncan pickup and when I do pinch harmonics on his guitar, sound continues longer. He said to me that I have to change my pick ups in order to reach that long sound. But unfortunately he doesn't know anything about les paul pickups I mean humbuckers. And lastly, I play metal and rock... like metallica, megadeth, zakk wylde stuff and iron maiden.

1) Which pickups should I buy in order to reach that sound?

2) Should I buy a Gibson LP classic and change its pickups into another one? (since I have a LP studio, but it would cost much)

3) Is changing pickups risky due to the fact that it might harm guitars original sound?

Thanks in advance,

changing pickups will change the guitars original sound, bt you can always put the old ones back in. maybe the zakk wylde EMGS but id say some seymor duncans or irongear if u dont have to much cash
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can you please tell a model for seymour duncan? I dont think I will be able to irongear in my country
It might be worth while getting a new guitar for metal. Like a ESP or Dean. Or even something cheaper and put EMGs in.

There are quite a few people on UG who vomit on those who put EMGs in a Les Paul.

Me included
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Pickups are not going to help you with harmonics.
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your sound wont be "harmed" it will be greatly improved.

EMG's might work for you, but there kinda lame.

seymour duncan's blackouts (also active) might work well, and the passives are great.

dimarzio is also good, not to sure what ones would go well tho.

check out some sites, listen to clips, and decied on your own, also, you could look at custom pickups, they should be able to wind you something you realy like.

ohh, and are you using his guitar + his amp?
the amp might also make the differance...
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well, I though of getting a new guitar but you know thats expensive, i am trying keep it at a lower cost not more than 200 bucks or so. Since I am not living in usa, its kinda more expensive here.

Active pickups might not be a good idea because they need to be charged. My friend has a bass guitar with active pickups (brand of pickups is something starting with b) and he says that the battery runs out everyday. (he practices 4 hours a day) Thats why I wanted to stick with passives. Since emg doesnt have passives, I though of seymour duncan but would it be really awkward to put SD into les paul. I never seen a LP with SD's. What about JB TB-4 (bridge) and jb sh-4 (neck)? Anybody used them?

Thanks for all the help,
If you can't get a good pinch with those, sell your guitar and take up knitting.
Your friend may get through a battery a day. Tell him to unplug when he's finished. Mine last 6 months at about an hour a day.
EMG do make passives. the HZ, They are a bit ordinary.
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yeah, i will never forget when my freind (bassist too) wondered why his bass stoped working arfter a few months, he didnt know it was a active

bassists can be funny, lol.

but yeah, get some mid/high output pups, see if that helps.
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yeah the pickups seem great but i dont thing i will be able to find them at my country

and i think he unplugs the bass after, i think maybe his pickups arent good dunno anyway

i dont think i have a good knowlegde about pickups so if you guys have some time to spare can you guys check out emg and seymour duncan pickups and decide which one would be more suitable for me? they are more common in my country.

thanks for all the help