yo yo yo fellow guitar folk

im considering buying a jackson dk2m

just wandering about the maple fretboard

i once played a randy rhoads that had a maple fret board and it just felt wrong, i just couldnt work it. dyou think this could have been because of the maple fret board or just a bad guitar?

i hadnt been playing guitar long at the time though, so didnt know much about them. it had been in the shop along time, could have just needing setting up or something.

iv played and liked the dxmg and dk2t

sorry if i sound confusing
I find that the really glossy maple fret boards are different if you get used to rosewood, they just have a very different feel, I used to hate them but now Im in love with them it is different tho but not to much, they also give a little briter tone
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I much prefer one piece maple necks to rosewood, so it was probably just down to you. I would try it before you buy it.

Somewhat on topic, does anyone know if jazzmasters ever have maple fret boards?

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