Okay. I play an Ibanez electric. My favorite type of music to play is heavy metal/metalcore/hardcore and my guitar is mostly in drop d, sometimes drop c.
What would be the best setting for my pick ups? I heard you want the top part of the pick up to be real low to give a deep sound on the lower notes, and on the bottom, you want it high up near the strings, to give the harmonics a brighter sound. which is best?
Also, what kind of action would be best to optimize the sound? right now my bridge is all the way up as high as it can go, should i make it lower?
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Having pickups too high can affect the sustain of the guitar due to the magnetic pull, and can also make notes muddy. You need to play with the adjustments while playing to get the right balance for the sound you want.
me personally, i tilt them a bit for balance in sound, but i lower them probably what most would consider alot
i think the only thing youd sacrifice is a drop in volume but hey, just turn it up right?

and, that way it wont get in the way of an palm muting you do, i play those styles as well and believe me, too high pickups will grab your strings and make everything sound stupid

and youll probably want your bridge/action decently low
the pickup height difference isn`t suppose to be a large angle (treble to bass side) and it`s personal taste to get your ideal tonal balance, i have my treble side about 2mm from the 1e and bass side about 2.5mm from 6E but this as said is my personal preference and varies slightly from guitar to guitar and whether it`s the neck,mid or bridge pup.

there`s no rule that says your pups should be angled.