i'm seriously GASing for an Agile AL3100 in plain black (http://www.rondomusic.com/al3100mop.html), however getting it imported to the UK would cost about £400ish, which is still cheaper than many Epiphones, but still kinda pricey.

Does anyone know any guitars similar to the Agile in the aesthetics range.

Also would I be able to install push-poll pots on the Agile to coil split it, if I indeed did get the Agile.

I've seen the Vintage range, dont really like the cutaways at all.

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necrobump because I have the same question... And it's easier to bump than make a new thread

I've been looking at this, but I'm just wondering if it'd still be better to go for the agile...

I've already got one agile and it plays sweetly (interceptor pro 727) but yeah... ??
Tokai are alright, you have to spend quite a bit to get to the models that are worth a damn though. Their cheaper (Epi/Vintage price range) models aren't actually any good. Rally and Vintage are basically the same as Agile or Epi in terms of quality. ESP make a few okay LP style guitars under their LTD brand but like Tokai, you have to start spending quite a bit before you get tot he good ones.

Honestly in the UK, either go for Vintage or buy an Epiphone. European Epiphones go through much stricter quality control than the ones sent to the North American market, they're a legitimately good choice here. Vintage Advance do offer better value for money but if you don't like the Vintages then Epiphone is the best thing to go for.
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i agree with flibble. if you can get up to around £500 or £600, though, then japanese-made tokais start becoming an option, if you're easy about the model (you can get an MIJ tokai SG for a little over £500, for example, and MIJ tokai LPs for about £600 new if you're easy on the colour), and they're very, very nice indeed.
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