The metronome. Everyone says it is god's gift on the guitar but I just can't seem to use it. Anything over lets say 160 BPM I can't tell if im in time with the clicks or out of time. And I don't know maybe it is because I can't play the piece of music I'm trying to play fast enough or because I just haven't trained my brain to play to it correctly, or maybe I'm just to much of a noob at guitar to play ANYTHING over 160 BPM yet cleanly so I should just tone it down. My question to you guys is, when you use the metronome are you dead sure that you are playing to the clicks at all times? The clicks come soo damn fast at 160 BPM and I'm pretty sure I can go through the C Major scale at 160 but due to the fact that I can't "feel" the clicks I can't use a metronome doing it and keep it in perfect time.
i kinda feel you on this, Im trying to learn the beginning to 'the damnation game' by symphony x and the whole intro is 147bpm 16ths and my metronome sounds like its going to explode at that bpm. Although its fair to mention that im more comfortable around 100bpm, 147 is a lonng long way away for me.

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Subdivide the beats...

What do you mean by that it sounds really interesting....
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What do you mean by that it sounds really interesting....

Instead of playing one note per click (Which by what I've read in your first post is what you're doing), play:
two (quaver)
four (semiquaver)
eight (demisemiquaver)
16 (hemidemisemiquaver)

For example, playing quavers at 80bpm is the same as playing crotchets at 160
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