So I've changed the strings on my floyd rose but there's always fret buzz no matter what combination of trust rod, spring tension, or any other adjustment I can think of. It was fine before I changed strings. The strings are thicker but that should have been accounted for with an increase in string tension. Fret buzz is always on the 2 bass strings (E A). I've been trying to fix it for about 4-5 hours total now. Is there a way I can adjust the action of a single string on the floyd rose? It seems like I can at the bridge, but adjusting it doesn't really help, in fact it increases the buzz when the action is higher. I have no money to bring it to a shop, anyone know anything?
You may have to adjust the spring tension out the back of the guitar to make the floyd rose parallel to the body of the guitar.
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you need to leave 12-24 hours betwwen truss rod adjustments to let the neck settle.

read the floyd sticky and the setup sticky

have you changed string guage? or kept the same guage.
Is there a tutorial somewhere about the Floyd rose saddle adjustment? Changed to havier gauge. I increased spring tension as necessary
I usually do my own setups, but if there's something that I just can't seem to make work, I usually just take it in for a setup. I know this isn't an option for some people, and I don't know your personal situation, but a decent setup is usually very cheap at your local guitar shop. Worth the money in my opinion. Nothing beats a professional setup.
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