I have been playing guitar for a year, and keep hearing that guitar pro is a great way to learn songs. I use regular tabs, but which would be best to go with? By the way, if i download Guitar Pro, can i keep downloading from the "Try It!" button, or do i have to pay sometime?
check out tuxguitar its just like guitar pro but its free,havent tried it myself tho. or try powertab its pretty good too
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No, you can't keep downloading. Unless you somehow delete all the cookies from your computer or something, which I tried, but it still dind't work. Get tuxguitar, you can play guitarpro files with it.
you will eventually need to pay to use it legally, but it is a great program to use
i personally don't like Tux Guitar, Powertab is a good free alternative though
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download it from a torrent site
they give you everything like the cd key password so ur all set
guitar pro can also accommodate other forms of tabs like power tabs..not sure about tux guitar never heard of it..
Guitar Pro is good as it allows you to hear how the notes fit in, and gives you the option of slowing the song down. It also has a handy feature called "speed trainer", which gradually increases the speed of whatever you're trying to learn.

I'd recommend it.
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I use guitar pro 5 and love it. I would also like to add that is very good for writing and arranging your own songs. It also has a scale finder and chord feature. It has a bunch of other things too. I find it better than powertab but i've never used tuxguitar
Guitar Pro is completely worth every cent you pay for it. You will get so much better from using it. It's like a more fun way to practice with a metronome since you basically jam out with the track at whatever speed you want with whatever song you want
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guitar pro can also accommodate other forms of tabs like power tabs..not sure about tux guitar never heard of it..

excuse the thread jack but how?
^By impoting powertab into GP....
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Guitar Pro is one of those few programs that are actually worth more than the asking price. Support the programmers and buy it.
i personally think guitar pro makes people lazy, learn to read music or play by ear
well... maybe u can say it makes us lazy to learn music.. but hey.. If someone would like to be a professional guitarist... he must know how to read music... and learning music by just listening is something that us guitarist will pick up along the way....

With all the technologies we have... it helps us to do thing a lot easier than before.. so why not we just use this to our advantage..
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i personally think guitar pro makes people lazy, learn to read music or play by ear

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i personally think guitar pro makes people lazy, learn to read music or play by ear
I'd have to argue the opposite - because gp gives you tab and notation, and the ability to play midi, I'd say it helps you learn to play by ear and helps you learn to read music, as you can relate both back to the tab. It also gives you the option of displaying only tab or only notation - the only problem beginners are likely to have is that a tab/gp file is only as good as the person who made it, so the way its notated can be...interesting

Guitar Pro is well worth the money just for viewing/playing tabs. If you want to write your own stuff I'd say its invaluable.
Its Great for beginners but once you get better you should at least try doing it by ear, its hard at first but its worth the effort
I perfer powertab over tuxguitar personally. I just think that the window for the notes is always way too small on tuxguitar. I havent tried guitar pro yet, but for now, Im sticking with power tab.
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guitar pro has helped me, i mean, ive never been a technology fiend or nothing but theres been countless solos and riffs ive needed to learn, havent been able to, and 20 minutes after checking the guitar pro tab out i've nearly got it

i tab all my own bands music too, and thats another great function, being able to hear your own **** in real time

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tuxguitar is actually pretty useful if you can get past the cartoony version of your favorite songs lol
Maybe this is the most shocking thing to say, but maybe you could learn to read music and use a metronome?

Metronomes have this great special feature where you can slow the song down, or even speed it up! With the rhythm written down you can actually "hear" (in your head) how it should sound...

...oh and to answer your original question, I would recommend powertab. "Standard" TABs are actually really limited in what they can do, and I, personally, find them awkward as they don't tend to show rhythm, or the notes (all they have is the frets).

I would say that knowing the rhythm and the notes of a song is very important...might just be me
I used to have a pirated version of GP5 (deleted it out of my conscience bugging me) and I thought it was great, much better than regular tabs. I use TuxGuitar now, works just as good, though I know there are some great GP5 features TuxGuitar lacks, can't remember at the moment.
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Guitar Pro is completely useful, not only you can look at the tabs as usual, you can make it play the tab so you can understand better the rhythm, play alongside with it (you can mute the guitar track and play along with all the other instruments), change tempo and if you're into creating music it can help you since you can hear it while you're tabbing it.

Obviously you should still try to learn notations and all that stuff if you want to be a great musician.
Guitar Pro is superior to .tab or .txt tabs in almost every way possible.
You should totally "buy" it.
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Yeah, get it, I think it will be well worth the $30 or so, though Power tab and Tux Guitar are both good, and free.
I can't stand pure ascii tab. I am completely lost without being able to read the rhythm from the standard notation (I'm most comfortable reading the notes from the tab, and the rhythm from the standard notation).
My wife just bought Guitar Pro 5 for me. I was able to get tab for songs...not just for guitar either. For example, I downloaded The Trooper...and then I could print the Bass tab too for my friend with a simple click of the button. It's all there, which is really neat.

One thing I'm looking forward to, is being able to use GP5 to play back the song with the guitar part I'm trying to learn removed...So I'll still have the bass and drums in the background to help me learn the time. I can also slow down the tempo. It will likely be hard for a 30-something father of 2 to find a bass player and drummer to "jam" with so this might be the next best thing.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I've never used software from Juarez, but it ain't like GP5 costs 2k like the Adobe Creative Suite or anything...
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Guitar Pro is well worth the money just for viewing/playing tabs. If you want to write your own stuff I'd say its invaluable.

this is the exact reason i forked out the money to buy the program, writing your own songs and showing band members becomes really easy