digi-designs new rack eleven or fractal audios axe fx?

both seem to offer promising features for a new breed of rack mount digital modelers.

any one have experience with either?

what do you think is better?
Axe FX, but i never tried or heard of the eleven rack.

maybe TGP or HC has some guys who owned/tried them
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I've heard only great things about the Axe FX - nothing about the Eleven, though. However, like everyone else, I've never tried either off them. Far too expensive for my tastes
I don't think you can classify them into the same category really. The Axe-FX about twice as expensive for starters, and they were built for different purposes. The Axe-FX is a multi effects unit and amp simulator at the core, whereas the Eleven tries to be a recording and reamping solution with some effects and live application. The Eleven is leaning more toward the POD and VST effects whereas the Axe-FX is leaning more toward true amp simulation and impulses.

From what I can gather anyway. Only way to be sure is to try them out, which I have not.
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Been working in a studio where they have an Axe.

...the only amp you will ever need. No lie.
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Axe-FX Ultra hands down destroys every modeler out there, and practicality wise, it sounds amazing live and CAN replace a good tube amp. Throw a VHT 2/90/2 or even a really good SS power amp on it, and you are in tone heaven.
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