Basically its about a son losing his father.
I wrote it to a bluegrass chord progression.

whaddya think ?

sunday drives
on a cool fall day
country lullabies
on a road not paved
staring out the window
yester years passing by
mighty old man
how I miss those drives

never had to question
your love to me
brothers and sisters
on our daddys knee
even through the yells
the love never lost
mighty old man
would pay any cost

please dont leave
oh the tears we'll cry
take my hand
and all my strength to fight
took a wicked winter
to crack a stone like you
mighty old man
your days are few

mighty old man
I sit and I cry
reach out your hand
from heaven tonight
guide my way
like you use to do
mighty old man
oh how I miss you

here I walk
along youngs ridge road
turning over
all the stones
searching for your handprint
in which ill place my own
mighty old man
how we miss you so
Last edited by Dave Coulier at Sep 26, 2009,
That is awesome. I have nothing to crit about. Set it to the music and let it roll. Great job!