Monte Montgomery has some pretty sweet stuff. definitely worth checking out.

clapton's unplugged?
joe bonamassa - high water everywhere
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Worst? I don't know. My buddies old MG 10 until we turned it into a cup holder and ash tray.
I can't be satisfied - muddy waters. Pure amazing and there's a ton of versions including covers
Check out these guys if you want some Good Ol' Fashion Blues:
Robert Johnson
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Blind Willie McTell
Howlin' Wolf

Or, as previously mentioned, Eric Clapton's Unplugged album is fantastic.
Also, alot of songs from The Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet are some really nice acoustic blues.
A lot of stevie ray vaughns stuff works acousticly. check that out, my favorite to play unplugged though is pride and joy.