hey guys im looking for a cheap guitar custom shop. not any major companies, ESP, jackson.... but places like carvin, im looking for a high quality cheap custom shop.
wai custom?
what genres do you play?
what is your budget?
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E-mail Kurt at Rondo music. If its not too crazy of a design, he might can have something made for you. Some of his nicest stuff goes for around $700. Something custom would probably be a bit more. If he agreed it would be made overseas in a factory that builds for him. There is no such thing as a cheap custom shop.

kurt@rondomusic.com is the address to contact him.
Devries custom shop.
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If it's fairly standard stuff you want, Carvin.

If you want slightly weirder stuff and you have the knowledge to order it properly and put it together yourself, Warmoth. They will make you nearly anything you want, though they only send you the seperate parts, you have to assemble it yourself.

If you need anything weirder than what Warmoth can do, I think by that point you should just be looking at getting a private local luthier to make you something.
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1) Location.
2) Price Limit.
3) What do you need it for?

Please understand that there's many many luthiers around, many of which specialise in one thing or another. The more info we get the better we can help.