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part one
parts two and three

parts four and five

"you're late." he says as he sweeps off his feet, "you should have been here by now."
'what? sorry, i had other things to do." i replied.
"you're fucking late kid, i don't care what else you had to do." he said.

he sat down and started shaking his head, i could tell he was disappointed, but for some reason i didn't mind all that much. disappointment is something i had come to know quite well over these past few months, and it's a disappointment that i'd feel that way about it.

"whatever." i says to his as i turned my back towards the wall and leaned against it.
"you haven't fucking learned anything yet, have you kid?" he asked, but he didn't even wait for a reply, "you're just going to fucking ignore all of this? you're just going to fucking leave? well fucking leave already then, i'm getting tired of you."
"heh, probably because of what i handed you the first time we met." i smirked.
"this isn't a fucking joke, kid." he said, "you need to start understanding somethings.
"like what?" i ask, "i already understand everything."
"oh yeah?" he asks, "well then what's your meaning of life?"

"life? life?" i paused for a bit, "life is an imaginary thing, you of all people should know that by now."
"what? what the fuck are you saying." he asks.

"everybody. everything. it's all imaginary" i says, "the main goal of life is to be happy, but do you know how many people are truly happy?"
"there's enough of them, i'd say." he replies.
"no, it's all a front. look at all these buildings we're confined to, look at all of these dead end jobs we have to do in order to make some sort of essential living. there's nothing happy about any of this." i says.

he opens his mouth and tries to speak, but stops before letting even a breath escape.

"heh, understand now, you fucking lush?" i asks.

he shuts his mouth now and turns his head away.

"listen, the most important thing you can come to understand is that the world will end." i says, "be it for one, or be it for others."

the lush looks back up to me.

"you're not fucking serious." he says.

at this point in time i didn't know if i was serious or just relying on sarcasm.

"maybe." i says back to him.

the man pulls out a bottle and starts handing it to me, as if it were the only thing he could give.

"look, i don't want your sympathy, i don't want you to alter how i view things. i don't want much anymore." i says as i move his hand back towards him, "you keep that one for yourself."
"but i.. but i.." he couldn't finish his sentence very well, "but i don't want to anymore. i don't want it."

and the bottle drops, and it hits the ground and breaks. the man folds his hands around his face, and i knew why, he didn't want to be seen like that.

"it's okay." i says to him.

and i leave. and i leave. and i leave.
and everything i forget everything. and eventually everything forgets me, and that's the true definition of being happy. that's the true definition of everything.
and i find myself at a cemetary.
and i want to leave.

"i can hear everything now." i says to myself.

though it has never been said before, i've begun hearing things. i've started being delusional about everything. i started to believe.

"and so, all these distant voices will fall on deaf ears; and so, all these distant voices will alter, both with what they say and how they say it." i says.

but i don't begin to believe, and after that i begin to leave, and i walk from the cemetary.

"it's likely to be a bit more transparent this time." i says to myself, "if they looked, they could see it in my eyes. if they listened, they would hear it in my voice."

but all that i am is just a lie, i don't even know who to believe anymore.. myself or my mind.
and with that i take my leave. i lay on a sidewalk and i fall asleep. and i dream that everything was meant to be.
and i dream that everything.
and i dream.
and i sleep.
and i dream.


"shit. wake up son." he says as he trips over me, "sorry, i didn't see you there."

i was laying on my back in the middle of an endless field of static. i was laying on my back. my fucking back.

"what time is it?" i ask.
"i think it's twelve-ten." he mutters as it took him forever to spell out those words, "it's late."
"i'm not late; this is the perfect time, this is my time." i says to him as i start to sit up, "this is an anniversary."
"what the hell are you talking about now, kid?" he asks.

"this explains everything. my feelings. how i feel. this is fucking me. this is me." i says to him.

by this time i was already sweeping off my feet, and i was smiling. and i was staring at everything but i wasn't focusing.

"you see." i starts to say to him, "you see how dull everything is? that's what this is all about."
"i don't fucking know what you're talking about, kid." he says, "how many fucking pills did you take?"
"what?" i ask.
"you fucking heard me. how many pills did you take?" he demands. i don't know why he was repeating himself. i don't know why he even gave a shit.
"fuck. i don't know. i didn't take any." i says to him.
"is this what it's really all about, kid?" he asks.
"listen." i starts to say to him, "i don't want to take these things, i mean, how else am i supposed to fall asleep?"
"you son of a fucking bi-" he starts to yell but i hush him up.
"stop." i says, "don't worry, i didn't take any."
"you're a fucking liar." he says and he spits at my feet.
"i'm your favorite kind of actor." i says to him, "everything is a fucking lie, don't you fucking see that yet?"
"what the fuck are you going on about now, kid?" he asks, as if that were his only question.
"you hear that?" i asks.

"..." he's silent for a moment, "hear what?"
"everything." i says.
"oh, jesus, you're gonna go on about that shit now?" he mutters."
"listen." i says.

i sat back down in this endless field of static. he looks down at me.

"i'm going to leave here tonight." i says to him, "i'm going to be anywhere other than here."
"what? where are you going? where will you be?" he asks.
"we'll just have to wait and fucking see, now won't we?" i says.
"no, you're not fucking going anywhere, you're going to stay here with me. you're the only person who understands. you're the only person who listens to me." he says.
"i need some sleep." i says.
"no, you need to fucking stay awake kid, listen to me. you need to contemplate some things, you need to understand that you don't understand anything." he says.
"whatever, piss off." i says to him, "you ever notice how somethings seem to change?"
"well, yeah, things change. that's a fact of life." he says.
"no, that's a little less than a lie." i claim.
"i don't understand." he says.

"it's not an understanding in anything. it's in everything, just wait and see." i say.
"no, i don't want to wait, i don't want to see. i just want somebody here with me." he says.

we both finish talking for awhile, and we both sit on the ground. i wait for him to detach his eyes from his body so he can view everything the same way i do, but he doesn't. he just sits there like a fucking homeless man would.

"okay. i need to leave now." i says, "it's been a pleasure being here with you."
"no. fucking, no." he replies.
"i have no idea why he wanted to keep me around, all i've ever done with him is argue with his every opinion, all i've ever done was try and preach to him, even though he was more of a mentor to me than anything else. i don't know why he'd try teaching me.

"fine." i say.

i wasn't too pleased with this decision, i had to wait even longer to leave? that's bullshit. this place is boring.

"want to learn the definition of 'multiple meanings'?" i ask him.
"sure, why the hell not?" he says.

he seemed to be in a better mood.

"well, take everything, for example; everything i've been saying." i says, "and find a new meaning."
"wait, what? how am i supposed to fucking do that?" he asks.
"hold out your hand." i says.
and so he does, and i drop a handful of pills into it.
"you see those?" i ask, "what do you think they mean?"
"well they fucking put you to sleep, they help you cope with dreams." he says.
"no, not quite, there's more to anything than that." i says.

he stares into his hand and thinks for a few moments.

"i don't understand." he says.
"my point exactly." i says with a grin.
"wait, i thought there were supposed to be other meanings to things." he says.
"well, just wait and see." i says.

and we wake from the dream. and we finish the aptly delusional story.
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