Hey guys I would like to know if I should trade my line 6 spider III 120 for a Fender frontman 212r ? I know both amps aren't that great that's all I can afford right now. I don't like my spider at all and really want something else.. The frontman 212r is the same size and around the same price and has 2 12" inch speakers instead of 2 10"inch speakers.. I heard the distortion is really bad, but it takes pedals well and has an effects loop. I also heard the clean channel is really nice. And since I hate the effects on the spider, and it has no effects loop, I was thinking about just running a pedal board setup through the fender frontman to get my effects and achieve a better sounding amp then the spider.. Would I be better off with the spider or shall I trade and get the fender frontman 212r ?

Thanks for the help !
The Fender would be the better choice as long as you're not using the distortion. With pedals, it can actually sound pretty good... as long as you use good pedals
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no,not behringer,expect to spend at least $75 for a good pedal
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