Song is uploaded in my profile. Of course it is C4C.

So this is my third take of Ethereal Minds, first two can be found in my profile. This one is now on tempo, has a drum track, and a solo, and everything is pretty much in place. Includes two guitars.

Recorded with my Vox Valvetronix AC30VT and my Schecter C-1 SheDevil, with both bridge and neck pickups... I think, and it was recorded line-in. No idea how the drums were recorded but were recorded with some electric set.

Lemme know what you think and yeah, thanks in advance for listening, the crits, comments and replies.
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Placed comments on ur page man....nice renditions of the chorus in each take.....thinkin of sumhow building the song up with those takes??? Neway, juz a suggestion...

And could ya please place a honest rating on my Sat Morn Improv....

keep up wif the playing dude....
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The song is really sweet, i really like the chord progression.

The only suggestions i would make are that the clean tones sound a little muddy and that when the chorus is way louder than the rest of the song.
Pertty freaken cool, all the parts were written wonderfully, the verse was pertty cool with that delay going on. I could imagain this with some vocals. But on the other hand, you verse clips alot, so I would try lowering the mix for that track, or rerecord it not as loud, and you chours was harsh, prolly becuase of the same reason, but your tone was great, it was just kinda ruined by the clipping.

I was kinda hopeing for a breakdown around the 3 minute mark after the 2nd chours, but you just went back into the verse. I think you should develop a breakdown after the 2nd chours and then go into the solo after the breakdown and then end with you intro. I think that will give it more impact on the listener.

Good job though man.

Crit mine?