Right now I have a PRS SE Singlecut and a Line 6 spider III amp. I'm looking to spend up to $600. I play anything from Lynryd Skynrd to Def Leppard to Avenged Sevenfold so I need a pretty versatile amp. I mainly play in my bedroom and small band practices so I don't need a whole lot of power. I'd really prefer not to go used, it's kind of a trust issue, but I might go for ebay if it is a highly rated seller.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
I guess I'll throw out the usual Blackstar HT-5, Bugera 333, or B-52 AT112 response.

The Marshall Haze might be worth a look at. Maybe a used XXX.

There are the obvious choices for you.
haze,xxx,hotrod deluxe
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if you go used, i would prefer to buy an amp you can definitely play before you put any money down (like craigslist).

since you listed a very wide array of musical genres in the three bands you listed, what is your primary genre of choice?

I definitely would prefer an amp that excels at hard rock/metal.