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The past couple days I've been experimenting with different guitar heights while standing up, and I can't find one that's really comfortable. I've played standing up plenty of times before, but I was never really comforable, just with the way my pick was hitting the strings or how my wrist bent. So Pit, what's your comfy position?

I play a PRS Singlecut if it matters.
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I like to keep the guitar down around my ankles, just like my pants.
Tom Morello position is the only way to go.
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i like to have mine a tiny bit higher up then most. its alot easier to play faster (tho i cant really play that fast at all lol) idk i find it more comfortable
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I used to have it low, but things like tapping and tremolo picking are so much easier to do having your guitar high
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Tom Morello position is the only way to go.

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i have my guitar pretty high currently because ive been playing loads of protest the hero and its infinitely harder when the guitars at your ankles...

I usually have mine just above the waist; It feels relatively loose and comfortable there, but isn't so low that it noticeably hinders my playing.
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I usually have mine just above the waist; It feels relatively loose and comfortable there, but isn't so low that it noticeably hinders my playing.

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inb4 "Searchbar height."

For me, reeeeeaaaally low.
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high! to recreate sitting down feeling
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a little lower than average, unless i am playing solos
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I have my bass really high, but I sometimes play it more horizontally then some might.
I play like a Beatle haha, when I first played I just accepted the initial strap position which was high, and now i'm used to it.
I play my guitar at **** height. It hides my boner.
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I can keep it as low as Kirk Hammet does but then I have some trouble with solos.

Most comfortable: Tom Morello's guitar height
Coolest looking: James Hetfield's guitar height
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For me it's a little below the belt.
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Coolest looking: James Hetfield's guitar height

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This high with my arm through the cook of the V and everything.


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D*ck level.

Around there. Without the covers on all the cavities. Makes for enjoyable usage of the floyd rose.

Naw, jk. But seriously. Crotch level.

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I have mine a bit higher than Jimmy Page, so the neck pickup is about at happy trail-level.

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There is no other height.
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i have it so my right arm (picking) can palm mute comfortably
its around mid-belt level
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for les pauls and explorer-type styles at least
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I have mine so that when I stand up and sit down it is in the same position. So I guess the bottom of the guitar is at about my waist.
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