i've decided to sell my ke3. its crimson swirl with a few good dings and such, but its an awsome player. i swapped the neck out w a dkmg neck so its got piranah inlays, reverse headstock, and binding. there is a good chunk out the tip but only noticable from the backside. the face of the headstock is fine. i also installed a set of duncan blackouts. the previous owner drilled an extra hole for the controls from the emgs he had installed. i put a screw in its place. $350 plus actual shipping. i'll ship anywhere, but i shipped a warrior out to seattle and it cost me $75. this thing isnt picture perfect but it plays better than it did stock.
you can see a pic here

if you want more i'll take more.
jdr94 is a cool cat and his gear is top notch. Good luck with your sale, my friend.

thanks aywilson.
chaosinborn yup its your old ke3 modified a bit. still playin that rr3 i hope.
mrrman please post a pic of your performer. to my knowledge this finish wasnt available on a performer series jackson. i'd love to see one.
Yup its under my bed here in college!

I know its my old ke3.

Im half tempted to buy it back but i have too many guitars as it is.
deal pending but just incase.....$379 paypalled and shipped in the cont. US
thanks for the offer, but i just put it up on ebay. had a buyer but he flaked out or somethin. i hate when people cant at least say they changed their mind or whatever the case may be.
awwwwwwww! Nice guitar though.
Ibanez RG350EX

Soon to have an Ibanez RG1550M, 350M, and RG2610!!
dammit this is gonna kill me but $350 paypalled and shipped (you pay the PP fees) final offer to anyone interested except the guy that backed out. you know who you are.