Since it was my B-day the 22nd, I ordered a guitar off of Rondo. SX Decimos. According to my dad, it buzzed like a chainsaw. It was pretty bad. Action was high too. So I sent it back. Now I've got about $400 and I'm going to guitar center tommorow. I'd like a high gain tube amp thats good for bedroom use. Or a pedal to use with the Mesa Mark II.
Also, I may grab a guitar If I dont like any amps. It'll pretty much be what feels or sounds best to me. But I have some questions:

What guitar do you reccomend trying to find to demo amps and effects with? I just want some pickups similar to the pickups on a Gibby V.
I'd perfer a tube amp.I've heard of vaulve(sp?) amps, but what the difference between them and tubes.
Amps I'm intrerested in is the B-52 At-112, the Blackstar HT-5, Possible a used Line Six Spider Vaulve(are these any good?)
As far as music I play, I like to play everything.I love using lots and lots and lots of gain, and at a low volume. Thats what I like about my Vypyr 15 . But I think the Tube vypyr is one of those amps with one tube or somthing like that. Basically, no improvement to tone.
For guitars, I'd like passives, but actives are fine. I'd like a tube amp so I could get some actives in a guitar, like EMG's, because I know they arnt great for solid states. But for guitars I'll check the used sections.
And for effects, all I really want is a pedal thingy that gives alot of gain. Somthing that sounds like a vypyr on a rectofier channel on OD, with a tubescreamer, with parimeters and gain set on ten
Now I may be interested in a hollow body too. I dont really think theres anything special in my price range, but I'll check.

Now for my Important questions I need to know:
Is the spider vaulve good for its price?
How exactly is the edge III bad? I know some people love it, but I've heard horror stories. What has to be maintained in order for it to work good for a long time?
What are some guitars and amps to look for under $410?
What are some great distortion boxes?
Can't answer all your questions.
I have tried the Line 6 Spider valve amps and in my opinion they are not that good. I like to play heavy stuff with a lot of distortion and they were too muddy and warm sounding for me. You are better off getting one of their normal Spider IV amps. For $410 you could buy the 120 watt spider VI combo. (http://www.music123.com/Line-6-Spider-IV-120-120W-2x10-Guitar-Combo-Amp-620211-i1470461.Music123 ). They are very good, I have had a spider before. The new ones have loads of effects and new tech in them, go to the line 6 website and watch the videos.
As you have an awesome amp already (Mesa MkII) then you could just get a Line 6 Pod X3 Live pedal (http://www.music123.com/Line-6-POD-X3-Live-Guitar-Multi-Effects-Pedal-150377-i1368328.Music123). They are awesome, have every effect and amp you could possibly need, plus you can have to effect setups at once. e.g 2 amps at the same time with individual effects on both. (they are $500 though) for $400 you can get the Line 6 XT Live pedal (http://www.music123.com/Line-6-POD-XT-Live-Guitar-Multi-Effects-Pedal-150394-i1124299.Music123), same really but bit less amps and no two at time effects loops.
Also look at some of the line 6 stomp box pedals, only about $80 each (especially the 'uber metal' one for heavy distortion). Also with those you can buy the pedal housing for about $70 and then you can buy individual modules of different effects that you just put in the pedal housing to produce a pedal of that effect (if you understand what i mean). The modules are only about $30 each. (http://line6.com/tonecore/modules.html) As for guitars for $410, you'll probably be pushed for a good one.
One company to look at is 'Spear Guitars' (www.spearguitar.com). I know you probably have not heard of them but trust me they are really good for the money. They have great specs, e.g. Through-neck construction, Mahogany bodies, maple + mahogany necks, their own pickups but very good, similar to EMGs etc etc. My mate has one and it is very good.
Also look at Jacksons (e.g. JS30DK, JS30RR or JS30KV and Ibanez (e.g. RG series, SA Series) they make good 'cheaper' guitars.
As for hollow bodies, Ibanez ones are about all that's in you price range.
The edge III does have mixed reviews, some say horrible, some say fine (my mate had one and it worked fine). If you have it all set up properly etc then it should be okay but don't expect original floyd rose quality because they are about $200 on their own.

Well hope this helps, have fun at the guitar store

Mike, UK

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about the edge 3, i think it's an alright bridge if you constantly maintain it. i've never owned a guitar with one, just by the way. but i think most people's problem with it is that after some consistent heavy use it'll knock itself out of tuning and make setting up difficult. also i think the knife edges on the tremolo itself will wear down pretty easily. having a guitar with an original edge, i can tell you those things are solid as rocks. if you find an old used RG you'll have a trem that almost never goes out of tune. they're awesome!
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Ive been looking and there seems to be nowhere in the US that sell them, they only seem to be sold in Europe.

Oh well, look on ebay.com