no seriously either a damp cloth or a certain type of wax maybe?
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There's a forum for this stuff somewhere around here.
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I've used some types of auto wax on my guitar before. You could look into that?
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guitar polish seems to work for me
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Seriously, is there something that distinguishes a '79 Dean ML from any other guitar, finish-wise?

I use Gibson spray polish & microfiber cloths on my Fender, Squier, Ibanez, and Schecter & have had no issues. I use Ernie Ball fretboard conditioner on the rosewood fretboards and just the regular polish on the maple fretboard.

BTW when I bought the Schecter from a pawn shop, it had lots of pick scratches, so I used an automotive rubbing compound to buff them out. Didn't get it to perfection, but 70% of them are totally gone, and the rest are hardly noticeable. And I used it to blend in spray paint I used along the edges of new routing done for a Sustainiac installation. Also used a McGuire's automotive polish to get a good luster on the whole thing, but have been using the Gibson polish since then for maintenance.
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ask in GG&A or GB&C. you'll get better answers there.
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