So I have wrecked my skateboard beyond repair and want to get a longboard as I commute to school. I am thinking of the Sector 9 HALEIWA but have no clue about the "flex" of a longboard. I know that they are made in different flexes and the "ala moana" seems to be the successor of the haleiwa which I found is "medium flex". I am about 218lbs.

tl;dr: need a longboard that fits my weight (218lbs), will the Sector 9 HALEIWA work?
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Skateboarding thread man!

I will answer you in there.
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Skateboarding thread man!

I will answer you in there.

You mean I actually need to try and find a specific thread for my needs?
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^And you should do exactly that.
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id look at other boards other than sector 9. check out alva boards. or put some orangutang wheels on a somwhat flexy board.
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Yes, I do mean exactly that.

Yet, I recieve the obvious answer.

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ill help you out. the flex should not be that huge of an issue in general on boards, some higher end boards tend to be more specific though. I personally just bought a bustin board which you can fully costumize and is the best board for the money i have ever ridden.


that board should work, but then again i only wiegh 140 so i do not know form experience. I have a heavier friend who bought a board that is specifically built for that. But with the bustin boards you can email them and a knowledgeable guy will personally respond which is very nice.

I highly recommend these boards as i bought a sector nine and then 6 months later bought a new board. They also have college commuter specific boards so that could be an option.
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You weigh 218? Good grief.

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