Hey, Im planning to build a guitar (when I get some money) and I haven't done this or really any modding at all, so it's kind of a first time thing. I just wanted to make sure that I know everything I need so when I get some money, I can buy the stuff I need to make it and not be missing something.

Also, feel free to post comments or suggest anything you think might be a better buy or whatnot.


-Mahogany Body
-Maple Neck
-Maple Veneer
-Rosewood Fretboard


-Truss Rod
-23" (I think this is right)

-Truss Rod Cover
-Back Plate Cover
-Pickguard (possibly)

-Fret Wire

-Side Dots
-(No normal inlays, more work and I don't know how to put in or what shape I would use)

-Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

-Neck Plate
-Just a Chrome Neck Plate

-EMG 85-X
-EMG 60-X

-2 Volume (come with pickups)
-2 Tone (come with pickups)

-Input Jack
-Input Jack (comes with pickups)

-Floyd Rose
(I'm not sure if this is the best buy, I've heard that floyd roses are good but I don't know what one I would get or where to get it, I would like to get a quality trem for the lowest price. I live in Vermont a town over from a music store that on the floyd rose site says is a liscensed dealer but i don't know if this is the best one to get.)

-Graphite or Locking Floyd Rose (Again, not sure, I read EVH used a graphite nut to keep his strings in tune or something like that)

-Other Specs
-6 Strings
-25" Scale Length
-No Fret Scalloping
-No Binding
-24 Frets
-Shape is a Gibson Longhorn Double Cutaway BV, hopefully having the same color.
-Bolt On Neck

That is everything I can think of, again any pieces I have missing, please point them out. As for tools, I'm planning to build this with my uncle who is a professional woodworker but does not have much experience with guitars. Also for paint, I know a couple painters who I could get to paint it the colors I want (trans blue) for cheap or free.


A good place to get a Floyd (or any other parts for that matter) is Carvin.
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23" sounds way too long for the truss rod. I see your doing a bolt on, it would almost be as long as the whole neck. 18" is standard I think.
pickup selector

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Thanks for reminding me of the pickup slector, I knew I would leave something out. And the straplocks I just didn't think were that important, but I will get some anyway.


If you look on ebay you can get a jackson floyd for about £40 from America, I think that's roughly $60 iirc
(Jackson Licensed floyds are said to be among the best)
Thanks for the info about trems and to The4thHorsemen, the EMG X's are solder-free.


Don't you still need to solder the switch for EMGs? Also, you need an output jack plate to mount the jack in and knobs for your pots.

Concerning the nut, I'd go with graphite for structural stability. I've seen guitars with a cracked neck where the locking nut screws through. A well-cut graphite nut with locking tuners should be on-par with a locking nut for tuning stability and you don't have to carry around a wrench to change tuning.
okay, this was my thread, necro-bumped, leiathan741, http://www.bulkwire.com/ is very good for just wire alone.

And Mike, I already started this build, I know know that you do have to solder the switch, this was before I got them, but now that is the least of my worries. And I've already decided on locking nut, build thread is Here but please don't post in it, wait until I post in their again with some actual updates.

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