Includes several songs, I have written over the years, about 10% of the motherload! I picked out a few of the songs. Shows how my writing skills have improved... I don't actually recall what the oldest songs are. But here is some information on a few of the songs that I do remember.

"01 Intro" - Orchestraic reprision of "13 The Feeling Remains".

"07 I'm Not Your Hero" - first song I wrote that included a solo... It is... I realize, EXTREMELY repetitive, but most of the files included are about 2 years old, when I had not the writing experience and knowledge I have now.

"14 Farewell" was supposed to be included on the album I posted a few months ago... Didn't make the cut, odd though, because it was the title track!

"L OH! L" song I wrote a while back. This was actually the first song I wrote under an "Electronica" type genre. It inspired me to TRY. This isn't a good example of my real electro stuff.

"River From Her Eyes" is a song I wrote for my friend's band... At that time they were named Aleca Road, I don't know what they are now.

"The Light of My Life" is dedicated to Andrea... The light of my life went dim sadly though

"Where Were You" I actually wrote on my birthday, about my dad.... F him.

This is just a little bit of stuff to hold you guys over for what the future brings from me. Obviously more Left Untold. But more importantly more Electronica *cough* a full album *cough*. Thanks for your support guys.
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