have an epiphone special II SG guitar (the lowest end they make) and was wondering if i bought a pickguard for a regular SG, or even a '62 reissue, if i could just drill holes in the appropriate places and it fit?
I have the same guitar and I'm interested in this...

but i think they won't fit because they just seem different shaped and stuff lol
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It won't fit because the Special has a bolt-on neck instead of a set neck.
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wel even with the bolt on, wouldnt it fit, and just have that little area where the actual color of the guitar would show?
Some issues you will have looking at the epi special v gibson SG is the fretboard on the epi touches the pickup ring for the neck pickup. The gibson has a wide gap. So that would have to be cut out for it to go on. Also the metric v inch specs creates problems. If I remember right the epi pickups are a little farther apart so there will create problems for the fit there also.
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make your own with that shape but that fits it!


I have an epi SG special, and it's a good playing guitar after a good setup, but they really dropped the ball with the lack of a pickguard imo. I don't think it would be hard to make a pickguard though, I know warmoth and stewmac sell blank 2-ply pickguard stock. Then just drill some small pilot holes and screw it on.
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