I'm sick of playing my six string in drop g# so i'm looking to get my first seven string for my band. We play death metal kinda like bdm, behemoth, whitechapel, or asp and I do quite a few leads but then some breakdowns. I was looking at maybe the ibanez s7420-320. Want something with a smaller neck and a great tone. Any suggestions? My Price limit is about up to a grand.
For under $500 used: various Schecter C-7s (old & new), Schecter BlackJack, MIJ Ibanez RG7620 and RG7420 (FR), RG7621 and RG7421, S7420, MIK Ibanez S7320, MIK LTD SC607, LTD MH307

For a bit over $500 used: MIK LTD SC607B, MIJ RG1527

For over $1000: MIJ JCraft RG8527.

My current favorites are the S7320 and SC607B.