Hyborian Steel is made up of a group of four sweaty, Robert E. Howard obsessed metal heads. This band decided the old way of metal is the right way. The band's first and only album, "An Age Undreamt Of...", is packed with chunky classic metal riffs topped with amateur, yet somewhat charming vocals. The band draws influence from legendary acts like Heavy Load, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Running Wild and perhaps even Ironsword.

While "An Age Undreamt Of..." isn't exactly one of the greatest metal albums, nor is it the most unique, but it does have something special. Passion and potential. This band could really be something in the future, and they're definitely worth watching out for. Vocals are borderline terrible at times though...'tis a shame.

Hyborian Steel

Cimmerian (just listen to the massive Manilla influence)

Myspace (I suggest listening to Eyes of the Serpent)
Vocals aren't necessarily the best. But god dammit do the guitar parts ever make me want to headbang.

Powerful to say the least, if only those vocals were a touch better. Still awesome though.
A touch better? I find them to almost be down right awful. Honestly the only really good vocal performances are on "Behind the Mirror", but yeah I love this band.
I was just being nice

Maybe if they boot the vocalist and ressurect Agyl, this band will be the most amazing band ever.

Favorite song is Ride The Chariots though. The echo doesn't help his voice though...the chorus would be so fucking good without the vocalist.
Idk, I think the vocalist is trying too hard, but he's also the guitarist . They just need to get someone with a powerful voice that doesn't sing so nasally.
Great find, \Powerslave/. Loving Eyes of The Serpent. And the vocals aren't that bad.
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An Age Undreamt Of... is excellent though! That guitar in Behind the Mirror...delectable.
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A riff from the song "Hyborian Steel" is directly taken from "If Heaven is Hell" by Tokyo Blade. Considering the band's influences and their musical tastes, there's no way they don't know of Tokyo Blade.

But yeah, Behind the Mirror is the best song on the album.