I figure this wiring problem originally occurred when the tone knob bolt was loose, and caused the pot it was connected to, to spin and ripped the soldered wires straight from it, only after I had tightened the bolt I noticed the guitar sounded awful with an extremely distorted/messed up sound coming from the amp and guitar. I soon found out it wasn't the amp after I plugged a different guitar into it.

So I opened up the back panel of my Jackson DKMGT(w/EMGs) to find 3 loose wires.
–One wire (Wire 1) loose coming from the output, which I soldered to a wire end sticking out from the tone pot, it seemed logical at the time but hasn’t helped anything and maybe not even be right.
-Then two more loose wires which were coiled together not connected by tip but since they were coiled it would be logical for them to have once been soldered in a similar location. One of these wires (Wire 2) goes straight into the pickup into the solid body, and then other (Wire 3) goes to the volume pot.

These Photographs show the inside of my guitar in detail with labels I have given. Wire 1, Wire 2 and Wire 3 I originally found not connected to anything, which means that the Tone Pot wasn’t connected to anything either.

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please help, this is my final plea before I have to pay a fortune to get it fixed. I am on msn a lot on bonesdeath50@hotmail.com so just add if you want to discuss my problem.

I have noticed quiet a few views, but no posts. So I am adding some information. Well I have been reading around the internet a lot today and a lot yesterday for help on this issue. So I went to EMG website and collected some wire diagrams, which did not help, nothing matches to what I have, but I found these closest:

Hopefully someone could please put this into perspective for me to fix my guitar.
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