hey guys, i'm not really sure if there's a thread for this already, if there is, let me know and delete this and i'll go there.
but i just need a tattoo design but i can't draw or use photoshop/illustrator so i'm reaching out to you!
here's what i want...

a skeleton with a greaser/psychobilly hair style and blues brothers shades and a leather jacket, rolled up jeans and converse.
in addition to that, i would like him to be playing an upright bass (double bass to all those who call it that instead). i'd prefer that the bass be white, but black may be a better choice for a tattoo.

i'm not sure about what to do about a background, i'm thinking just a color that goes well with the other colors and have it one of those ovals with a faded edge around him, but you can change that part if you have a better idea.
if you can do that, please please please help me. i need a picture of it to see how it would look and if i really like it i'll use it exactly how it is. i don't think this site allows me to provide compensation, so i'll just say you'll be rewarded all credit and i will tell whoever asks just who designed it.
yeah i definitely will.
i've been going nuts thinking of tattoos i would like now, and wouldn't mind still having it on my body years from now.
and after tons of ideas that i decided wouldn't be good, this is what i came up with.
That sounds like a huge tattoo dude. Where are you going to get it?
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dr.rock- it probably seems silly to a lot of people. but i've grown up with a love of psychobilly/rockabilly/punk music and i know i'll always love it so i came up with an idea that i think best suits that.

neidnarb- thanks, i wasn't sure so i posted here. i may repost this there if i don't have any luck here.

e_squared- i was thinking a half sleeve, if it's too big for that, maybe calf. or if i'm feeling overly ambitious and want to add a bit more and make it bigger, a full back tattoo would be pretty awesome (and painful) haha. btw, i love the less than jake think in your sig. that's uch a great album.
so can anyone help me?
dr.rock666- you say you're UG's best Photoshop artist, i bet you'd be able to do this easily with illustrator and photoshop or however stuff like this is done.