I feel horrible. Ok, so I was pretty much best friends with this girl named Rhema, and we liked each other on and off for a while, then we decided to just be friends. Well we were friends for about 2 years, before I met my current girlfriend ( of a year right now) and they didn't really get along. Rhema had very few if any friends, I was her only close friend she trusted and could confide in. Well Georgia(my girlfriend) didn't like that Rhema and I talked so frequently, so therefore there were hard feelings between them. To shorten the story, they got into a big arguement because Georgia was thouroughly convinced that Rhema was trying to "steal me away". So Georgia told me to choose either Her or Rhema, and so I chose Georgia. I haven't talked to Rhema since April (the time period in which took place) and I miss having her as a friend. I feel like the lowest lifeform in the world for leaving her high and dry like that. What do you guys think?
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i'd say blog it man. not too many serious answers in the Pit. sorry
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**** your gf (literally and metaphorically if you'd like) and talk to your friend, say you're sorry and what not
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You fail.

It's not like you'll never have another girlfriend ever.

You gave up a lifelong best friend for a girlfriend that'll be around for a year, tops.

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stick it in her pooper.

in all seriousness, i think you may have made the wrong decision. If Georgia forced you to an ultimatum like thaty, yoiu're probably better off without her. Go apologize to Rhema. Try and make it up to her. Georgia will just have to deal. Don't do anything rash though.

but seriously. tell your gf to get back in the kitchen.
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I haven't talked to Rhema since April
And you're just NOW feeling bad about it? What happened? Did your girlfriend refuse to give you a blowjob and you had no one's shoulder to cry on, so you're now thinking of Rhema?

Sorry dude, no empathy for you here.
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Chalk it up as a life lesson, remember well how you feel tonight, and hold that with you in the future. Advice wise, Open a door to Rhema, don't try to force your way back into a friendship, just let you know you are open and sorry. Dump your girlfriend, she is immature and insecure and probably causing drama you don't want any part of, if she isn't... well she will. It doesn't matter if you've been together a year, so you've invested a year with her, if you invest more then it'll be a waste later.

My advice for what it's worth... just remember you got it free,
were you fucking rhema?

didn't think so.
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pack your bags, move to the city.
You shouldn't have done that. Shoulda left your girl, man. She was being unreasonable! If my girlfriend (a year and ten months) said that she wouldn't have anything to do with me anymore (and would actually follow through with it) unless i cut ties with one of my best friends, i'd say find a new boyfriend, you crazy.

So yeah i mean, dump your girl. Me and my good buddies have a saying:

"Girls cum, and go! Friends are furrrever"
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am i the only person that thinks those are two of the weirdest names?

wow i was just about too say that
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I feel like the lowest lifeform in the world for leaving her high and dry like that. What do you guys think?

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am i the only person that thinks those are two of the weirdest names?

*scrolls to top after reading, rereads names*

Yah I guess they are kinda odd...
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Pics of Georgia and Rhema?

On second thought...

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i'll just flip to a more serious statement

i would really hate to have someone telling who i should or shouldn't talk just because they don't like it

You are not supossed to be responsable for other people's insecurities, and if you're aware that this girl has just a few friends and you are a really close one (and you miss her) i think it's a coward thing to just say "ok bye, *insert state name here* thinks you are hitting one me and i'm not brave enough to argue about it with here... sorry"

A girlfriend who makes you dump your friends for them isn't worth it, she obviously doesn't care about your feelings or she wouldn't have given you an ultimatum like that. Someone once said that true friends are the most valuable things you can have, think about it.
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ask yourself again if you want to be with this kind of girl.
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