First, I'd like to say sorry if this is the wrong forum. Me and my band are looking for something to do our screaming vocals. I've heard you can use a guitar amp, is this true? If so, what all will I need? BTW, we're just starting out, so it doesn't have to be great gear. Thanks.
um yeah i think you could get away with hooknig up a mic thru an amp... not sure about like really low vox though, might need a bass amp. if its only for practice you should be right.
get a multi-use amplifier, that has great power... like stanners, mougs, and other brands...
you know that powerful cheap amps? these are perfect..
and some of them come with a ****ty drive that you might like to use
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This isn't what you want to hear...but if you ever want to play in front of other people, you cannot get away with a guitar amp for vocals.

A PA system is essential for gigging.
Of all the options, guitar amps are probably the worst.

For vocals, you'd want a PA or if you really want an amp, a bass or keyboard amp because they both have full range AFAIK.
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