Ok, well, I'm stoked to see this in my local c-list, but when and what model are these?


it just seems very strange to me since I've never heard of a squier with a set neck, humbuckers, block inlays, binding, chambered body, coming from korea... (well, I may be naive on the korea part, they probably all come from there) but the rest seems a little weird for this so called budget guitar....

answers? am I an idiot and all this is nothing strange?
They're a discontinued model, but they are for real. I've got a standard series Squier Tele...it's an H/H, set neck, F-hole...there are indeed some messed up Squier Tele's floating about. Though I can't offer any answer about where it that one was made...If its anything like mine its an ace guitar for the price. The least you could do is go check it out and see if its worth the money
Oh, definitely... It looks like an awesome deal and I figured it was discontinued, but all the specs seemed nothing like something under the Squier name, let alone Fender even...
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OK, so I've learned it's one of these:

basically, a Master Series Squier tele.


I'm going to check it out on sunday hopefully, and it seems to get decent reviews, but a few raise my suspicion of a bad thing, that the bridge is a little uot of place making the intonation almost impossible to be corrected.... please, anyone who can tell with their eyes, check this out.
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Very nice guitars. The bridge looks fine on tht one tbh, but have a look n a tune up wen u try it. Korean squiers arent bad guitars and usually with the right modding pass off really well
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yeah, but this one is $225.... need an extra one for C Standard tuning (actually, this one, if bought, will be standard E and my other will go into C)

Money, while I do have some and a job, still is precious and tight, so a good guitar that I may deserve will be a little bit later.