Behold! Deans latest creations!

So yea those are the imports!!! Some people has bought a few and they say the quality doesn't even look like its made in china! Dean has kept his promise You guys judge it yourselves. I would eventually get one Venom *drools*
Ugh, those bevels are unappealing.
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Does it have a power level of 1,000,000?

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Damn. They look pretty sexy! I thought they were a little overdone on the website , but when you see actual pictures, they look pretty good.
Just realized something funny: on the Strat-style picture, doesn't it look like the pickups don't have pole pieces? Like they're just pickup covers instead of actual humbuckers?
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Quote by Phil Collins
Does it have a power level of 1,000,000?

My scanner reads... OVER 9000!
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They look.. meh.

The superstrat is kinda nice, but it's hardly appeasing.
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I Want One!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ugly as sin. All of them except for that Soltero looking thing and even still...
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