IDK, all I remember was raging cause the amp was just a few weeks old and there was something technically wrong with the amp or tubes or something.
My valves haven't failed me (yet).

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Never had a failure, but I've only had a tube amp for 4 months or so
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Who's in a bunker?
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bugeras suck in reliability, but their dam cheap for the sound u get
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My tubes haven't failed. I built my amp myself. So by my logic, I > you and Opeth.
My tube hasn't gone out on me yet.
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last Sunday i was at rehearsals and we were playing master of puppets.just before the solo my amp got broked, but a friend of mine repaired and gave it to me back yesterday
^ Was playing Puppets today at practice room with my band. One of the valves failed during the very last riff.
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You're assuming all of us have tube amps.

To be honest, I'd rather have a decent SS or hybrid amp than a cheap tube amp, and since I'm fairly poor, that's what I'm stuck with.
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I have an old handmade SS amp, sounds as good as a medium-quality valve and doesn't need the maintenance of one.

I am lusting for an ENGL though.