Alright, so lately I've been listening to a certain kind songs quite a bit. The only genre I could place on them is 'pop'. However, I think a more specific term would be 'post-Beatls pop'. Because the songs are very Beatlesy, and their niche seems to be to fill the void the Beatles left after they broke up. Anyways, I want songs, bands or albums that are essential to this type of music.

Fpr those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here are the songs that sum up this wonderful music:

Magic by Pilot:

Come and Get It by Badfinger (written by Paul McCartney himself I believe :p

EDIT: Are there any truly essential albums besides Band on the Run?
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Paul McCartney & The Wings

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Paul McCartney & The Wings

Oh trust me, I've listened to them, being the total Beatles freak I am.
David Bowie?
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