Anyone know of any good music colleges in Texas?
so far I know of University of North Texas, since their jazz program is pretty badass (supposedly), but i don't really know what else

my original intention was to go to M.I. in california, but i know i just simply can't afford it when the time comes to go to college unless my parents win the lottery
so I have to stay in state and just rape financial aid by going to a texas school

I wanna study music for sure, with a bit of psychology or speech/communications to the side
any good schools anybody might know of in texas?

really UNT imo is the best for music. the best band directors and private lesson teachers i've had all came from unt
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i hear that too h3llboy
i'll take your word for it

and mexican_shred, my music teacher is a total badass, graduated from UNT a long while ago
i'm thinking about that, but is the music scene around denton alive? (if you get my drift)