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Jesus was in a punk band called the Prophets of Jerusalem

I'd say they were the first.

Jesus on Vocals and Guitars
Muhammad on Bass
and Moses on Drums

Rock on. \m/ \m/
The Ramones. While bands like The Stooges and Velvet Underground were obvious influences on early punk, it's pretty hard to call them actual "punk bands".
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ramones. the others were influences and sex pistols and clash were after. If you go to the PUNK FORUM youll see countless threads like this
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The Beatles.

Listen to Helter Skelter & tell me thats not punk


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a lot of bands in the mid-late 60's diplayed a great deal of traits that would become punk.
the who, led zeppelin et al. in many ways can be considered (and are often labelled: Proto-Punk.)
however, i would consider the first band to display the whole punk package; even if the term hadn't been invented is the stooges.
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the ramones ftw
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The Who, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones are all pretty influential; powerchords, 'attitude', excessive volume. However, the fact that these bands also had intelligent songwriting (especially The Who and The Kinks), changed their sound and direction a lot (The Who and The Stones) and were just generally good seems to suggest that they dont really have a lot to do with punk. /trolling

I'm going to go with the Stooges.
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ramones. the others were influences and sex pistols and clash were after. If you go to the PUNK FORUM youll see countless threads like this

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