hey guys,
Sorry if this is a stupid question.

I have a USA fat strat. I was just wondering, if i replaced the middle pickup with a non reverse wound pickup what effect would i have?

i am assuming that the middle position would sound like a normal pickup (not as quacky) but the 2nd and 4th positions would lose their hum cancelling?

I am after some way, if possible, to have a middle position more usable like a standard single coil but retain the middle/neck combo position as it is

Unless you replace it with a completely different pickup, it won't affect the sound of the middle position.

I'm not sure about the tone in the "in between" positions. You'd definitely have the hum. In fact, you might have twice as much of it, as the induced hum in both pickups would add up, rather than cancel one another out.
anybody know if putting a non reverse wound pup in the middle would stil give me the same sound in the in between settings?

For example, the Jeff Beck strat is standard wired. wonder what the 2nd and 4th positions sound like
If you replace the pickups so that they're all of the same polarity, all that will happen is in positions 2+4 you'll still get the same hum that you get when using just one pickup. That's it. There's nothing to gain from doing it.
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from what i hear, going NRWRW sounds marginally more vintage, but i haven't tried it myself. depends on how badly you need the hum cancelling, really.
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