Does anyone know of some "sad-ish sounding" acoustic chords? (not bar chords)

Got these two so far:

Well any minor chord should sound sad, that's in a really basic view the entire point of the minor key.
Stick in some 9ths for good measure and a slow HO/PO to a sus2 or sus4 never goes badly.
umm......minor chords? kinda the whole point of them.
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Dm its the sadest chord

This is the truth.
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Dm its the sadest chord



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Dm its the sadest chord

this HAD to come, but it's true...
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Dm, it's the saddest chord

Fixed. Now I can say I agree.
yes, i know minor chords .. just i dont like playing them and need something more .. Interesting (:
some of my favorite "sad sounding" chords in drop D/C


i would post more but i don't want to give away all my unique chords hah.
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yes, i know minor chords .. just i dont like playing them and need something more .. Interesting (:

Try variations of the minor chord.

Minor 7th
Major/Minor (it's a minor chord with a major 7th) adding the 9th to it is nice as well
Minor 7th b5
Dominant and augmented chords can work as well

My personal favorite however is an inversion of the major7th chord. It's voiced in this order: 3, 7, 1, 5. Sounds nothing at all like a major 7th though, it'll end up sounding closer to the relative minor with a 9 added on.
{03230} I don't know exactly what chord that is. Sounds similar to Am7. Does anyone know?
Dm isn't sad... it's a pretty crap chord tbh. If you add in the 9th though, then we're talking business. Em9 is also pretty heart wrenching.
The trick to this would be to find the key (Em for you) and use the circle of 5ths to find chords in the same key.
You would probably use variations of:

Try using 9ths, 7ths, 5ths, and 13ths
Play anything in the key of D minor - it's the saddest key. People weep instantly when they hear it.
I've found in alot of "happy/upbeat" progressions, chords tend to move in fourths/fifths, in alot of sadder progressions, I've found that moving in thirds, sixths and seconds gives you a sadder feel.

Also, the melody and too a lesser extent, the timbre and tempo give more of the mood to the song then its chord progression. A I-IV-V can sound absolutely tragic if a sadder sounding melody is played above it.