Hey, I'm in need of advice on improving my alt picking, the fastest I can alt pick is around the speed of the main riff of Kamelot's "Rule The World" but when I try something faster like Emperor's "I Am The Black Wizards" I find it impossible to reach the correct speed.

Advice on in increasing speed?
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There's no easy answer, you just have to practice, same as everything else. If you want to be able to pick something at for example 180bpm, but you can only comfortably play things at 120bpm then you need to get proficient at all the speeds between before you worry about 180.

So if 120bpm is your limit then then your immediate concern is 121bpm, nothing else matters. Once your comfortable at 121bpm the next stop is 122bpm etc etc.
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I'm gonna go guitar sensei on yo ass. Speed is reflective of accuracy, so build on accuracy and speed will come.
Basically just play slowly and accurately then build up slowly. It's worth it in the long run, as your rapid runs will sound brilliant and fast.
Practice it super slow, doing strict up ,down ,up ,down picking ,even if its painfully slow just keep at it and increase your speed gradually
Speed is a byproduct of accuracy i know it sounds boring i thought so too but in the end i realized that was the right way to practice.

Just tried playing both songs i understand exactly what you mean try playing the song disposable heroes by metallica it also requires very good stamina in the right hand.
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Work on those 16th note patterns I find.

e ------------15----------15
B ----12-14-----12-14----

That type of thing. Play it slow and clean and speed it up when you feel comfortable. Also try adding in another note on the B string to really help out your speed. This will also help with switching strings too. Good little simple exercise. If you wanna add some stretching in simply move it around. It'll help both hand's speed and accuracy. Mix it up though, otherwise you'll die of boredom.

Basically, just work on a quick pattern that is nice and simple. If your problem is something such as you don't Tremolo pick fast enough, well.... It'll come. Don't worry about that.
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