ok,im looking at getting a tele thinline. i cant afford a fender so looking at the squier version. but i will fit my own pick ups and maybe neck. but ive seen some things on youtube about theses sx thinlines. very cheap under £150. has anyone got one? ive seen them on ebay and thats it. want to know if there are really as good as what ive seen. or stick to the squier.
sx's are pretty good guitars for the money, at least better than squier specs-wise. not very sure about workmanship and quality though. i've only ever played 2 sx's. a strat and a jbass. and they do sound good. if you want to swap necks, though, be careful as fender necks cannot be retrofitted onto the sx body. the neck probably costs more than the sx anyway.
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ok,that has helped,the neck im going for is a jackson style, make the guitar abit differant to the rest! im not rushing into gettin it. want to make sure i get the right one, just no where seems to sell the sx`s! so cant try one out. between the 2 is over a £100 difference!