I hope this thread is alright in here...

I am about to start winding my own pickups and selling them to the public. To get started I want to have a few 'base' pickup models so that possible customers can here what I can offer.

What I want to know is, what you guys are after when your buying a pickup. What tone do you go for? Get the idea?

I want to get as many of you guys opinions as possible.

Thanks in advance
Well i just look for clarity and more response, thats why ive always gone for dimarzio's high output stuff.
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Harmonics/Warmth/Sustain depending on which place it is in.
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I want a pickup that's responsive, dynamic, clear, and a little on the hotter side. Defined highs that aren't shrill and warm up when you sustain the note/go higher up the fret board. Pronounced mids and big lows that don't muddle up when you start packing the gain. Oh and an other thing, it would have to feed back very nice as well as clean up well when you roll the volume back. It would have to sound good split too.

Basically an enhanced vintage flavor I guess.
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I would love to have a dark set of Tele pickups.

I love the way they play and look and feel, but I dislike the twang
I want a hot bridge pickup that will really scream when distorted ala John Frusciante or Billy Corgans lead tone ie Rhinoceros solo, sustain and good pinch harmonics are also a big plus, and crystal, chimy cleans are nice. As for the neck, something warm, thick and heavy when distorted, and smooth and creamy cleans, and strong mids.
A nice hot, high output humbucker with the right amount of crunch, balls and smoothness. As well as nice harmonic clarity. Something where the low power chords have crunchy chunkyness, with seering high end and smooth mids, but the solo kinda stuff has a real ringing harmonic smoothness.
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I want a pickup as close to the original PAF specs as possible.

Poo, lots of people do that and PAFs aren't that special, they're just a pickup. Albeit old pickups with a bit of that 'mojo' but that's been done. Let's make a pickup that shoots lasers.
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High gain, clarity, responsiveness.

I suppose it would be nice if you had a series of pickups that were somewhat customisable, like different magnets, or different pole pieces... even if the pickup covers could be customised, it would be nice.

Most of all, every single pickup should be slightly unique. Like hand-wound pickups.

So that even if you had 1,000 identical pickup (same magnet, pole piece etc etc), they should sound largely similar, but have some character that will set it apart from it the other pickups. This would depend on the windings.

Speaking of shooting lasers.... I suppose if you could combine a pickup and a smoke machine like what Ace (KISS) had in the middle position, that would be cool.
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High gain without being muddy.
Warm without being too Dark.
Sort of a vintage metal tone. "Crusader" by Saxon.
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Single coils with a lovely warm clean tone. That's all I'll ever need.
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I want something that's warm and has crunch to it, something that mostly can play metal but can also play nirvana songs and classical songs when it's on the neck pickup
a good, clear neck humbucker that doesn't get muddy when you use it with a dirty amp.
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