Put up a picture of your guitar here. Put its name (If it has one) and few specs. Also if you want tell us a few things bout it!

Her name is Sheena. Shes a 2007-2008 Squier Strat. All pretty much stock. A Fender selector switch. Mine took a dump on Easter. Only replaced the E string, was playing Surfin' Bird, Ramones version and pulled the E out... Wanted a guitar for a long time, parents thought I wasn't going to play it, i showed them!!! Name came from the song Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, I'm in a punk band and I thought the name would fit her, not many people get why I named her that.
Stickys were made for a reason.
My Gear:
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Peavey Vypyr 30
DW Collector's 3 pc drums
Mapex Black panther snare
Sabian AAX/Zildjian K cymbals.
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Stickys were made for a reason.


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