Hey guys, Im just trying some recording for fun and have run into a problem. I'm using Audacity and a backingtrack I downloaded from guitarbackingtrack.com with a small solidstate amp going into a Rockband USB mic (the video game). What will happen is I'll play over the backing track but everything will be off by like an eigth of a second when I listen to it and by the end of the recording everything is all screwed up.

Is it just the mic or the program or whatsup?
you could be having a latency problem. either there are too many programs running while youre recording, or not enough memory in your comp...orrrr your comp just sucks. haha. i doubt its the equipment. i used audacity when i first was learning about recording. If you cant figure it out, you can just take the entire track and move it to fit the background track and vise versa.